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Our ingredients & other formula details


What ingredients are in your products?

Our range of plastic-busting products are made from plant-based formulas, meaning they're good for you and the planet. Our goodies are made in Australia and perform as well as the big-name supermarket brands!

Do you offer samples?

Wanna try us out but are not quite sure you are going to love us? Or do you have sensitive skin? Or do you just not want to risk your hard-earned cash without knowing Zero Co works a treat?   We hear ya! Whilst we don't currently offer samples, we do

Where are your products manufactured?

All of our liquid products are manufactured at a family owned facility in NSW!  Our Toilet Paper is  manufactured in Australia from local and imported materials. You can read more here. Our other non-liquid products are all made overseas

What fragrances do your products have?

All of our planet-friendly products have a delish fragrance that we can't wait for you to sniff!

What's in your fragrances?

We have sought out and partnered with a Fragrance House that absolutely lives and breathes eco-perfume 🌸

I'm allergic to certain ingredients - how do I know your product is safe for me?

We list all of our ingredients on our website so you can make sure they are safe for your allergies - check them out here!

How long will your products last?

Our products have a 2 year shelf life...but let's be honest, there is no way you are letting these bad boys sit on a shelf for 2 years, are we right?!

Do your products contain soap?

Traditional soap has a very drying quality when used to clean your skin, and no-one wants that!   All Zero Co products that come into contact with your skin are soap free! Instead of soap, we use naturally derived foaming agents #NoNasties

Are your products antibacterial?

We have tested two of our plastic-busting products, and they have officially been deemed antibacterial by current standards and regulations 👏 These are our fabulous Toilet Cleaner and Bathroom & Shower cleaner! Does this mean that your other

Are your products grey water/ septic tank safe?

Grey water and septic tank systems love Zero Co! Our products contain no nasties whatsoever, so you're totally safe using our planet friendly products in your home.

Are your products palm oil free?

Here at Zero Co, we are committed to sustainability, as Our Mission is to: 1. Stop the production of new single-use plastic, and; 2. Clean up the plastic junking up our oceans Whilst we are on this plight to tackle the global plastic problem, we

Are your products cruelty free?

Yes yes yes! We are animal lovers here at Zero Co so all of our products are cruelty free and have not been tested on a single animal.

Are your products vegan?

Yessiree, all of our formulas are vegan friendly.

Are your products organic?

Whilst our planet-friendly formulas are all plant & mineral based, they are not certified organic.

Are your products low tox / toxin free?

Yes siree, all our do-goodies are low-tox! We only use permitted and safe ingredients.

Have you tested for sensitive skin?

Whilst our products are not specifically made for sensitive skin, they are all plant-based formulas that contain no harmful chemicals. They also come with a 30 day money back guarantee so if there are any issues, you're free to trial and return!

Is your Bodywash pH balanced?

Our Bodywash is pH 5.5-6.0 which is the natural pH of skin, making it nice and gentle.

What's that plastic film around your dish tabs?

Our dish tabs are packed in a supa sexy watersoluble biodegradable film. That film is made of PVOH (Polyvinyl alcohol) and is biodegradable according to EU legislation OECD 301-F (which requires more than 60% of the product to be biodegradable in 28

Are your products free of isothiazolinones and Phthalates?

We can 100% confirm that our products do not contain Phthalates. However, the derivatives Methylisothiazolinone and Benzisothiazolinone are present in less than 1% in some products (none of which are applied to the skin).

Are your products safe for use during pregnancy and around babies?

You bet they're safe for use! Our whole range is plant-based and low-tox, so there are no nasties to be seen here.