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What's that plastic film around your dish tabs?Updated 8 months ago

Our dish tabs are packed in a supa sexy watersoluble biodegradable film.

That film is made of PVOH (Polyvinyl alcohol) and is biodegradable according to EU legislation OECD 301-F (which requires more than 60% of the product to be biodegradable in 28 days).

To be exact, our film is 97% biodegradable. 
The remaining 3% is broken down as follows:
- 1% = mineral substances with no risk for environment and mankind
- 2% = PVOH biodegradable in 91 days
This means you can rest assured that our dishtabs do not produce or leave behind any microplastic. In other words: NO microplastic around those bad boys 👊  Nice one! 💥 

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