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📦 Ordering & Returns

How to order & return your do-goodies


How do I fill my Forever Bottle?

Unsure how to actually fill your brand new forever bottle with our product? We've got you covered! Check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial!

Where is my Return Mailer?

We have created a super fancy high-tech algorithm for our Return Mailer Envelope system! An envelope is automatically allocated in your 1st Order (technically a spare), and then one with every 16th Refill Pouch you order!

How and when do I return my refill pouches?

How? Inside the Return Mailer we send you 💌 When? Once you have collected 15 empty refill pouches 🔄 Why? So that we can clean them up, and send them to a new loving home 🏡   Your first order includes a Return Mailer (postage paid envelope). As

Can I buy the pouches only and not the bottles?

Have you already saved dispensers from ending up in landfill or worse...the ocean?!  LEGEND! You can absolutely just buy our Refills on their own, to fill your own dispensers!

Do you have to clean the pouches before you return them?

Look at you go you super-eager, cleaning-beaver! It would be super-dooper awesome if you could give your pouches a wipe down to remove any mess on the outside of them, but whatever you do, don't try and clean the inside...

Do you have an actual shop where I can buy Zero Co from?

We want to offer our plastic-busting products in the most convenient way possible. So being available in stores, having refill stations and drop off points are all things at the top of our minds for our waste free future!

Do you offer wholesale or bulk orders?

We're in the early stages of wholesale and physical retail partnerships, so please reach out if you're keen to find out more 👊