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Where is my Return Mailer?Updated 8 months ago

We have created a super fancy high-tech algorithm for our Return Mailer Envelope system! An envelope is automatically allocated in your 1st Order (technically a spare), and then one with every 16th Refill Pouch you order!


We ask that you collect and send back 15 refill pouches each time 👌 Why 15 pouches you ask?  It really helps us limit the amount of Carbon released into the atmosphere, by doing bulk returns!


In fact, we just went Carbon Negative with all of our deliveries, so completing bulk returns is even more important to us! You can read more about all that good stuff here:


But let’s be real, sometimes that lil' cheeky envelope somehow escapes, or doesn't make it into the order too… If this is the case and you know that you have definitely ordered 15 pouches since your last envelope, then send our Customer Happiness Heroes an email at [email protected] and we will organise a Returns Label quick as a flash!


What if I need refills before I have 15 empty pouches?


So you need more Refills but don’t have 15 empty pouches to return? We gotcha sorted! You can re-order your refills whenever you need them! No need to wait until you send your empty pouches back!


Just keep in mind that you will not get the same pouches back, so don’t get too attached to them 🙈 You can check out our refill options here

I cannot fit 15 pouches in my Return Mailer


We're tellin’ ya it can be done! We’ve got a vid to prove it... It is a tight squeeze to get the 15 refill pouches in there, but to that we say, it CAN be done! 😉


Like a game of Tetris (cue childhood memories), we suggest emptying out every last drop of air then, place the pouches top to tail. Please keep in mind, we are reusing these pouches, so please don’t be too rough with them! We want to keep ‘em in good nick for many years to come✨


See this vid of our Legend Laura showin’ ya the ropes:


PS. If you have more than 2 of the 2L Laundry Liquid Pouches you might be in a bit of strife! BUT, never fear as we are the team with solutions here! Let our Customer Happiness Heroes know if this is the case, and we can hook you up with a Returns Label if needed 👌


PSS. We released Version 2 of our Return Mailer in March 2022... so your future orders shouldn’t be a squeeze for too much longer!


Got an extra Return Mailer?


Compost is a Return Mailers best friend! Sometimes you may (for some strange reason) end up with an extra! No biggie smalls, these babies are compostable and recyclable so you can feel good about disposing of any inconvenient extra's 🌱 We always think it’s great to keep one spare just in case though… 😉


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