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How and when do I return my refill pouches?Updated 8 months ago

How? Inside the Return Mailer we send you 💌

When? Once you have collected 15 empty refill pouches 🔄

Why? So that we can clean them up, and send them to a new loving home 🏡


Your first order includes a Return Mailer (postage paid envelope). As you order additional pouches and empty their contents out into your Forever Bottles, please store your empty pouches in your Mailer. Then, once you've collected 15 empty refill pouches in your mailer, seal up the envelope (we've already addressed it for you) and then slot it into your local Post Box 📬


Our clever system automatically detects when you have ordered 15 pouches, so we'll know when to send you a new mailer with your next delivery, so you are never caught short! Here's Mike telling us in the flesh:



Is there a time limit for returning my empty refill pouches?


No way José! We want you to enjoy your Zero Co goodies, and use them as needed. There is absolutely no need for you to rush through sending your pouches back to us! 


We will accept the empty refill pouches with open arms, whenever you have collected 15! Just please don’t lose them as we NEVER want to see any of our plastic-busting products in Landfill 🙅‍♀️

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