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🧴 Usage Instructions

How to best use our range of do-goodies


How many washes can I expect from the laundry detergent?

You should expect to get about 33 washes from a 2 litre refill pack of our Laundry Liquid (this is based on using 1x 60mL cap of liquid per wash). Dollar speaking, this works out being about 57 cents per wash 😊

Is the laundry liquid suitable for use in a top loader or front loader machine?

Our laundry liquid can be used in both top loader and front loader washing machines (we know, nifty right?!).

Are your products safe for use on delicate fabrics?

Our Laundry Liquid and Stain Remover work well on most fabrics, but we wouldn't recommend it for silk, wool or cashmere. These fabrics have protein-based fibres, and the enzymes in our formulation could slightly damage these fibres over time. The

How should the Stain Remover be used?

When using your Stain Remover, we recommend that you should: 1. Spray product directly onto the stained area and saturate 2. Leave it for up to 5 minutes (to work its magic ✨) 3. Do not allow the product to dry on the garment 4. Wash the garment

Is the Multi-Purpose Cleaner actually multi-purpose?

We developed our Multi-Purpose Cleaner (MPC for short) with the intention of being able to use it on ALL general surfaces.

Is your Bathroom and Shower Cleaner safe on stone?

So some good news and not so good news…. We don't recommend using our Bathroom and Shower Cleaner on natural stone such as marble or granite. This is because it is a powerful soap scum buster that has an acidic formulation, and over time it could

Dishtabs - A few TIPS for success 🌟

After receiving some feedback from our Planetary Legends on their experience with ze dishtabs, we got onto our manufacturers to get the low down on the best way to get those dirty dishes sparkling clean ✨ We have had a bit of a breakthrough of sorts