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Dishtabs - A few TIPS for success 🌟Updated 8 months ago

Here are some hot tips to get the best results EVER! Oui Oui.

After receiving some feedback from our Planetary Legends on their experience with ze dishtabs, we got onto our manufacturers to get the low down on the best way to get those dirty dishes sparkling clean ✨

We have had a bit of a breakthrough of sorts, so here are some 🌶  RED HOT TIPS 🌶  

  1. It's best to avoid touching the tab with yah wet little hands, and check that the tray or dispenser for the tab is fully dry!
    This is because the biodegradable film may get a bit soggy and there will be the risk of the tablet not fully dissolving and getting a bit stuck in the dispenser 
  2. Instead of just chucking the tab in the dishwasher willy nilly, you want to trap it in the little tray 
  3. The lowest temperature recommended for the cycle is 45°C 
  4. We recommend saving yourself the hassle and *NOT rinsing the dishes before banging them in the machine! Who would have thought? This will help to avoid any white residue left behind on your dishes.

*Except for any suuuuper hard & stubborn stains – e.g: gratin from the oven..



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