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Is your Bathroom and Shower Cleaner safe on stone?Updated 8 months ago

If you have man made stone (like tiles), heck yes! If you have natural stone (like marble or granite), maybe try MPC instead!

So some good news and not so good news….

We don't recommend using our Bathroom and Shower Cleaner on natural stone such as marble or granite. This is because it is a powerful soap scum buster that has an acidic formulation, and over time it could have a detrimental effect on natural surfaces.

If you have a whoopsie and get some on a natural stone surface, make sure you rinse it off immediately to prevent any pitting of the surface. 

However, this grime go-getter should be ok to use on ceramic tiles, and caesarstone as they are made to withstand most cleaning products 💪 As always, we suggest that you should always test a small spot first and rinse after use. 



The good news for you folk with marble and granite in your homes is, our Multi Purpose Cleaner (that's MPC for the newly initiated) is an alkaline formulation, making it suitable for pretty much any and all surfaces 🥳

If you're ever unsure (and feeling a lil' bit experimental), test it out on a small patch somewhere inconspicuous, so you can gauge whether or not the product is having an adverse effect on the surface.


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