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How to order with Zero Co!Updated 8 months ago

First up, a quick recap on our circular economy and ordering process.

You order the products that you want and need! We offer various Starter Boxes, Combos (which include a Forever Bottle & Refill Pouch) and the individual Refills and Bottles all separately 👍🏼
The Forever Bottles are for you to keep at home, you fill them up with our Refill Pouches (or any other single-use-free product you prefer)
The Refill Pouches, once dispensed and empty get sent back to us (postage paid by us!) for cleaning, sanitising and refilling.
We ask you to COLLECT 15 empty refill pouches before sending them back to us in the Return Mailer.
You can reorder Refills whenever you need here (you don't need to wait until you send the 15 back) 👌🏽 

Can I swap out items in your Starter Boxes, or just choose a few products?


We are incredibly flexible here at Zero Co and want to make the ordering process as enjoyable as possible!
Super sorry to say, we are unable to swap out items in our Starter Boxes.
But YES, you can fully customise your own order with whatever the heck you need and like by choosing any of our Products (combos, refills, bottles) individually 👍🏼 Check them all out here.
So if you have your own reusable Bottles (legend!), you can just order our fancy REFILL Pouches. 
Or... if you do your bit and buy bulk product elsewhere but need an awesome plastic-busting Forever BOTTLE, well that's gonna work too 🙌 These babies come empty, just FYI!
Plus, we have several different types of Starter Boxes, even a full Starter Box with NO Dishtabs for all y'all who don't have a Dishwasher. We certainly have thought of everything!
You'll find all the different Box options here.

I'm a smidge confused about the Refilling process, and how I send empty Pouches back?


You're not the only one! We think you might find this article particularly helpful!
But if you still need assistance, jump on our Live Chat (M-F 9am-5pm) or shoot us an email at [email protected] if you need further assistance. 😃
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