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Swedish Dish Cloths FAQUpdated 8 months ago

What are Swedish Dish Cloths? 

They are a style of cloth invented in Sweden in 1949. They consist of 70% cellulose (FSC Certified) and 30% waste cotton, meaning that they are produced with 100% natural fibres. They are super absorbent and versatile alternatives to paper towel, sponges and wipes!


What is FSC Certified cellulose?
Cellulose is plant fibre sourced from wood pulp. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.


What is waste cotton?

Waste cotton is a by-product of the yarn spinning industry, where cotton is combed to remove short fibres. These cotton combers would normally be considered waste however they are now being found new uses, like in our Swedish Dish Cloths.


How will Swedish Dish Cloths solve the single-use plastic problem?

Did you know that most sponges and cloths that you use at home are made from plastics like nylon, polyester and polyurethane! Ew! Yuck! Gross! 

They are not biodegradable which means they stay in the environment for a looooooong time! We’re talking hundreds of years. They also break apart, releasing toxic microplastics  and they also usually come wrapped in a plastic wrapper! LAME!

It’s time to make the switch…


What can I use my Swedish Dish Cloth for?

The cloths can absorb 15 times their own weight, so are perfect for cleaning and wiping, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. It's the perfect accompaniment to our Dishwashing Liquid and Multi-Purpose Cleaner! We’ve also found them to be really great when cleaning the bathroom and glass because they don’t leave any fibres on the surface after wiping. 


How do I clean my Swedish Dish Cloth?

If they need a lil' freshen up, your Swedish Dish Cloth can washed in the dishwasher or washing machine.


How do I dispose of my Swedish Dish Cloth?

If it is wasting away, very discoloured or just time for a fresh cloth, your Dish Cloth can be disposed of with food waste in your compost or green bin. They are fully biodegradable!


How long will each Swedish Dish Cloth last? 

We recommend about 6-8 weeks per cloth that is in constant use. So don’t forget to order more in your next Zero Co purchase! 


Where are the Zero Co Swedish Dish Cloths made?

Jag är gjord i Sverige!! That’s Swedish for ‘I’m made in Sweden’! Ja!


What dyes do you print the cloths with?
The cloths are printed with water-based colours. These dyes contain approximately 80-85% water and the remaining ingredients are colour pigments that are all approved according to the European REACH legislation. REACH is the regulation governing the manufacture and import of chemical substances into the EU. This standard ensures all dyes used are non toxic, non hazardous and environmentally safe according to the REACH standard.


What about the paper wrap that bundles the Swedish Dish Cloths together?
Yep that's right, we have even checked where the paper wrap that packages these cloths together comes from!

Each bundle of 3 cloths is wrapped in 150gm paper that is PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest) certified. Being PEFC certified ensures that your paper comes from sustainably managed forests. The wrap has been sealed closed with small dots of glue instead of plastic tape!


You can find our Swedish Dish Cloths here!




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