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Shareholders: What's next?Updated 8 months ago

You're officially part of the family - yay! Here's what to expect next...

I’ve applied for shares: How does the payments process work?

You would have chosen a payment method at the time of your investment - if you haven’t yet, please go to, choose a payment option & follow the prompts! If you picked ‘direct debit’, hang tight - this process will begin automatically and you’ll receive an email 24-48 hours before your funds are attempted to be debited. All payment options and user guides are at the bottom of this email! 

The funds then go into Birchal’s trust account where it needs to be matched to your investment - if all the details are correct, this will be automatically matched within 48 hours & you’ll receive a confirmation email from [email protected]

If anything is incorrect, the Birchal team will need to manually match your payment to your investment (and with over 3,000 investors, that could take a while!) so please double check your details before sending funds over. Once matched, you’ll get an email from [email protected]. Note: You may continue to get payment reminder emails from Birchal until they’ve matched the funds to your investment, but if you've sent money already don’t do it twice! 

When will I get my share certificate?

Together with Birchal we’re processing over 3,000 investors in this round, which means we’ll be getting your share certificates out to you in batches. Our goal is to get everyone their share certificate within 6 weeks! You can check your status here and once your shares are issued, you’ll be able to access your certificate here

We’ll be using Cake to manage your shareholder details ongoing, so once your certificate is ready you’ll be getting a login email from them!

What if I decide this investment is not for me?

You have 5 days from the day you made the application to cancel your investment, no questions asked. Note that if you do choose to cancel, we'll be offering your shares out to the folks on the waitlist.

Once the 5 days have passed, you will not be able to cancel your investment and you’ll need to pay for your shares. 

Recap: Can I sell my shares in 6 months time if I want my money back? 

Short answer: No. 

By investing in Zero Co via Birchal, you are purchasing fully owned ordinary shares in Zero Co and becoming a co-owner! Remember Zero Co is not listed on the ASX or trading publicly, which means that you should consider this a medium-long term investment as your shares are unlikely to be illiquid. Rest assured, we will keep you updated way ahead of time if an opportunity to divest is coming up! Knowing this, if this investment is not for you, remember to cancel your application within that 5 day window so those that want to stick with us on our journey can join in. 

FAQS and payment methods can be found below. Any questions on your payment, please reach out to [email protected] otherwise get in touch with us!


Payment Method Options for your Birchal Shares:

Once you have your share certificate:


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