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Where and how are your refill pouches made?Updated 8 months ago

That's classified information ma'am 😎

We were super fortunate to find a local Aussie partner to help create our refillable pouches! They are an Australian based business with facilities in China, where our pouches are currently being made.


When designing our refill pouches, we needed to make sure they were super durable (to last being filled, cleaned and refilled again and again and again....) whilst also incorporating the highest % of recycled content. Today, we've been able to achieve 42% recycled content in our pouches without compromising on the quality and usability of the pouch itself  🥳


Whilst we are stoked that every Zero Co pouch we clean and refill = one less plastic bottle made, used once and thrown away, we’re still always working towards ways we can improve and increase the recycled material content in our products and reduce our overall environmental impact so this isn't the end of the road here!


As far as we know we're the FIRST company in the world that's worked out how to do this!  So... Given we're doing some ground-breaking work over here at Zero Co, we're currently remaining a lil' bit tight lipped on our supply chain in order to help us grow! 


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