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Limited Edition. Zero Co x The Hidden Sea Wine FAQUpdated 2 months ago

When will my order be delivered?

Our Limited Edition wines will be bottled in November 2023 and delivered direct to your door in December before the Christmas festivities kick-off!

What wine is available?

The classic Aussie Sauvignon Blanc features flavoursome and juicy notes of gooseberry and passionfruit. Succulent, with great fruit intensity and vibrancy on the finish. Vegan Friendly: Yes

The delicate, super-pale South Australian Rosé is light, yet luscious, with a juicy mid-palate, and cleansing zesty finish. Notes of tropical fruits and fresh berries. Vegan Friendly: Yes

A full bodied South Australian Shiraz with generous blackberry and plum fruit, with layers of cherry and spice. The mid-palate and tannins are soft and silky. Vegan Friendly: Yes

Can I purchase as a gift?

Yes, but the recipient must be 18+ years of age to receive the order - age will be checked by AusPost upon delivery. 

Will the wine come with my normal ZeroCo order?

We are working with our friends at The Hidden Sea for this special collaboration. Your order will be produced in November and then sent to you in December 2023. This means that it will not be sent with your ZeroCo order. 

What are the details of this collaboration?

Handcrafted in South Australia these incredible Limited Edition wines save the sea. For every 6pk you purchase we'll collect 1,000 water bottles of ocean waste on your behalf.

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