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Is this a subscription service?Updated 8 months ago

We offer two choices for purchasing... you can buy as you like or you can choose to subscribe!

In March 2022 we launching our super duper subscription service 🥳 So whenever you're choosing to purchase refills, you'll have two options:

  1. Subscribe & Save (10%) - You setup your subscription so you can set it and forget it! Your refills will be dispatched at set intervals so your place is always well stocked with your favourite plastic-busting goodies.
  2. Buy one time - You order whatever you like, whenever you like! But... it's up to you to remember to re-order, so you don't run out!

We want to make re-ordering with us and our closed loop model easy breasy, so we'd love it if you gave our subscription service a whirl 👊🏼 

You can check out all things Subscribe & Save here!

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