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How do you clean your pouches?Updated 7 months ago

We clean our pouches ourselves, in our epic Pouch Recovery Machine (PRM).

Here at Zero Co we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and lots of blood sweat and tears into developing what we believe to be a world first piece of machinery. When we launched the business in 2019, we engaged a bunch of Engineers and industry experts to come up with this unique solution to be manufactured and built right here in our own backyard in Australia!

Today our PRM resides in our facility in the Northern Rivers of NSW, and has cleaning over 155,000 pouches to date (as of May 2023) 😮 When customers return their empty pouches to Zero Co, the pouches are sorted, and then processed through the PRM. The machine uses a combination of mechanical and sanitisation cleaning methods to remove any remaining cleaning solution, dirt, and bacteria from the returned pouches. 

The sanitisation solution used in the PRM is designed to be safe for the environment and is also designed to minimise our impact on the planet. After cleaning, the pouches are inspected by our quality assurance system and sorted once again to ensure they are in good condition and ready to be refilled.

Our PRM is integral to our company’s promise to ‘Untrash the planet’ and ensures that our pouches can be used over and over again, helping to reduce waste and minimise the environmental impact of traditional single-use personal care and cleaning products.

Here's a photo from our archives, of Jack and Phil mid PRM build!

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