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Fabric Soaker FAQUpdated 6 months ago

Whats the fragrance?

Our Laundry Soaker is completely fragrance free. 

Is the Laundry Soaker suitable for use on delicates?

Unfortunately we DO NOT recommend using the Laundry soaker on  wool, silk, leather, chiffon, satin, embroidered garments. They are a little bit to sensitive 🙈

Is the Laundry Soaker suitable for both top loader and front loader washing machines?

Sure can! To you as an in wash booster that delivers a high performance stain remover use 2 scoops for a top loader and 1 scoop for a front loader. 

Can I recycle my pouch?

No, the normal recycling stream would reject these pouches so return ‘em don’t bin ‘em. 

Can I compost of my pouch at home?

Our snazzy new pouch is certified Industrial Compostable. Which, although the composition is compostable, it does require a controlled environment like a composting facility to biodegrade. Once you have emptied your refill pouch into your Forever Tub, send the pouch back to us in your Return Mailer, and we’ll ensure it is properly composted under optimal  💪

I can see there is a plastic lining in the pouch. I thought you were SUP free? 

That plastic looking lining is actually a very fine layer of biofilm which is industrially compostable. 

The soaker is sensitive to humidity and actually acts as a humectant (absorber of water). We tested our soaker in just cardboard and paper bags however the powder started to clump up and brick so we needed that extra waterproof layer to keep the product fresh. We recommend you dispense your powder into your Forever Tub once you’ve received it as this is the best seal to keep it stored in. Then send the pouch back to us to ensure it gets industrially composted! 

Is the Scoop Made from Recycled Plastic?

Even better! The Scoop is a true labour of love which is crafted from 100% Zero Co collected ocean waste plastic. Meaning, all of the hard work we have put into cleaning plastic off Aussie beaches has generated a valuable raw material, that we are now able to turn into this very useful Forever Scoop.  

Why don't you make all your packaging out of 100% Ocean Waste?

Due to the characteristics of plastic collected from oceans and beaches generally being quite degraded and of lower quality, there are limitations on the shapes and functions we can design of 100% Ocean Waste products. However we’ll spill the tea that we’re working on a super exciting new range that is complemented with this beautiful material. Stay tuned! 

Why is my scoop colour different to what is on the website? 

Our super special scoops are made from 100% ocean waste that was collected by Zero Co from Aussie beaches. We are beyond excited to continue turning the trash we collect into treasure. The colour of each scoop is a blend of whatever plastic was collected therefore the colour varies from scoop to scoop. We could try adding dyes to keep all the colour consistent but just loved the unexpected swirls and shades. 

What is the line halfway down the scoop?

The scoop holds 30gm of soaker and the half way line is for 15gms so you can adjust it for your load if necessary. 

Why is my soaker getting clumps? 

The compostable pouch isn’t made for long term storage and you’ll need to dispense the soaker powder into your Forever Tub. If you do still get some clumps in the Forever Tub move your soaker to a less humid area. Most clumps can easily be broken up. 

Can it be used as a stand alone laundry powder?

The Fabric Soaker is not a Laundry Detergent Powder, it is only intended for use as a pre-wash solution!

Is it colour safe?

It sure is! The Fabric Soaker works effectively on brightening those whites and removing those cheeky stains from colours. We recommended to soak at 40oC maximum for colours otherwise the hot water can pull dye out as well. First rule of thumb...don't forget to seperate your whites and colours!

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