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Deodorant FAQUpdated 7 months ago

What's the fragrance?

Vetiver & Neroli.

Is it aluminium free?

Our deodorant is designed to be an anti-perspirant, so it does contain aluminium.

Our product development team conducted a lot of research, and they determined that aluminium is the only active ingredient at our disposal to develop a formula that stops you from sweating.

When we researched what our customers (a.k.a. YOU!) would want the most, the vast majority wanted something that protected them against sweating. So, we have decided to use aluminium in our current release! If you are interested in the subject, here's a detailed blog post on our website with further insights.

But.. that doesn’t mean that we can’t produce an aluminium free option in the future 😉 So, if an aluminium free option is something you would prefer, please know our Product Team are working hard on developing an Aluminium free Deodorant, however we haven't quite perfected the formula just yet. 

Is it anti-white mark?

We're in the process of testing this now! Please stay tuned, some of our fabulous Zero Co customers are going to be getting early access to try these plastic-busting goodies out at home.

Our Deodorant is designed as an everyday one size fits all offering. We are exploring offering more specialised categories within body care soon, stay tuned.






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