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How do I change my address?Updated 8 months ago

SUPER IMPORTANT! If you've already placed an order and need to change the shipping details, please email our Customer Happiness Heroes immediately on [email protected] with your updated address. Our warehouse are super efficient at getting orders out the door, so we need to make sure we catch it quick smart before it is dispatched 😅

If you haven't ordered yet but want to update the Default address on your account, all you'll need to do is login to your account!

And now we have different steps depending on whether you have a:


Once your Subscription loads, you'll need to click 'Shipping' in the top menu bar:

And then underneath your 'Shipping Address', you'll find a piece of text saying 'Edit Shipping Address' which you can click on. A pop-out menu will appear where you can update the shipping address for your Subscription:

And click SAVE.


You will always need to nominate your address each time you check-out with a one-time order, but you can set your Default Address. To do so, click on 'My Profile' in the top menu:

And under Addresses you can see all previous delivery addresses used for your orders. The Address highlighted in BLUE is your Default Address, which you can Edit as required.

Then sit back and wait for your plastic-busting goodies to arrive!

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